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When you’re ready to sell your large diamond, fine watch or other valuables to us, how does the transaction work? What should you expect? Our guarantee is: Safe, Secure and Fair. Simple, straightforward transactions have earned Mr. Benowitz his fine national reputation.

Diamond, watch and jewelry sellers: We recommend you first read our free estate jewelry guide so you’ll know what kind of price to expect.  Or simply fill out our quote form and give us as much information as possible.

Here is how the transaction will work:

You submit a quote form: You can do this online with our convenient and secure diamond quote request, watch quote form or colored stone request form.

We contact you with our offer: This will be one of the best offers you can get from any dealer based on the information supplied to us.

You decide: If you accept our offer we make arrangements to see your diamond, jewelry or watch.

We evaluate your diamond or watch: Our evaluation department with complete gemological lab will examine your diamond, jewelry, colored stone or watch. If your verbal description was accurate our offer will stand.

You receive full payment: Per our policy you will receive full payment within one business day after our agreement is complete.

Request a diamond, watch or colored stone quote today. There is never a charge for a quote.

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