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As cash diamond buyers and cash jewelry buyers we offer you this diamond buyers price list. If you want to sell a diamond you can use this diamond buyer price list to see what the cash value of your diamond could be. Of course the prices are for the highest quality and best cut of each size range… but you can get an idea of the *top prices that can be paid.

Round Diamond Price Chart

Sell diamond —- Diamond buyers price guide —- We pay up to:

1/2ct = .50ct up to $2,600 5.00ct to 5.99ct up to $558,350
.51ct = .99ct up to $10,500 6.00ct to 6.99ct up to $650,000
1.00ct = 1.49ct up to $18,160 7.00ct to 7.99ct up to $744,000
1.50ct = 1.99ct up to $35,835 8.00ct to 8.99ct up to $837,000
2.00ct = 2.99ct up to $115,200 9.00ct to 9.99ct up to $900,000
3.00ct = 3.99ct up to $183,950 10ct to 12ct up to $2,440,000
4.00ct = 4.99ct up to $410,350 Over 12ct up to $9,000,000


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