Audemar Piquet up to $47,000 Audemar Piquet up to $32,000 Concord up to $35,000
A. Lang up to $25,000 BlancPain up to $95,000 Franck Muller up to $48,000
M. Grossman up to $10,000 Breguet up to $88,000 I.W.C. up to $41,000
Ekergrin up to $18,500 Breitling up to $46,750 Patek Philippe up to $190,000
A. Lang and Sons up to $25,000 Bilgaro up to $27,000 Panerai up to $38,000
Charles Fasoldt up to $35,000 Cartier up to $88,000 Vacheron up to $180,000
Other Pocket Watches up to $40,000 Chopard up to $35,000 Other Fine Watches up to $200,000

 We Buy DIAMONDS and WATCHES across the USA

Watches in mint condition with the original box and paperwork are worth more! Great demand for complicated watches with multi dials and diamonds. The above price list is a sample of what each watch maker may be worth. CLICK HERE to get a specific quote on a specific watch or watch collection. There is no fee for this service.

* All insured packages are fully guaranteed for loss or theft for the FULL amount of the coverage.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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